a retro-futuristic dream.

The music streaming platform that puts storytelling at the centre of the listening experience.


When Giulio Bascietto broke up with his ex-girlfriend he never imagined that heartbreak would end up taking the form of a new company, and even less so, that it would end up becoming a new way of listening to and sharing music. Muse is the first music social media platform that relegates the algorithm to the background, and emphasizes user engagement to provide an extremely personal and empathetic listening experience. That nostalgic nature of the experience is what we have encapsulated in the Muse brand: a retro-futuristic experiment with a feminine touch and lots of charisma.


Brand Strategy · Market analysis · Secondary analysis · Brand identity · Art direction · Social media content design · Consulting · Copywriting


After exploring the visual identities of retro-futuristic brands like MTV; and vintage objects such as vinyl, video games and posters from the 70s and 80s, we selected a bold and curved typography such as Motter Ombra for the company name and titles. We contrasted the voluptuous character of this main font with the rigid ABC Diatype Mono in the body text and finally balanced the two with ABC Diaype Medium in the subtitles and printed materials.


The colour palette is extensive, combining five main cold-hued colours, with two complementary vibrant tones.


To enhance the creative side of the brand, we developed a "beyond branding" strategy, in which the brand - whose visual identity is highly recognizable - can undergo changes in some elements depending on the context in which it is applied.