Alea. is the Latin translation of the Arabic term 'azhar',

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a flower-shaped mark that ancient Arabs used to engrave the side of dice that they thought would bring them luck.
In Spanish, the word evolved into the words azar (luck), aleatorio (random) and azahar (orange blossom).

Likewise, we hope to be a stroke of good luck for your business. A friend and ally who will help you bring your ideas and vision to life.


The world is changing and so is the role of brands in society.

Once the epitome of consumerism, brands now have the power to unite, recalibrate and lead change.

This is a time for the bold, the curious and the empathetic.

The future belongs to those willing to listen, connect with and act on the values of their customers.

That is why we created Alea, a creative movement that explores the relationship between design, culture and climate, and applies the insights drawn from this research to hospitality brands.

This triad is the foundation of everything we do and requires an ongoing process of unlearning and relearning.

The reason why we chose hospitality as our main clientele is not arbitrary.

Hotels, restaurants and other services-focused businesses have a significant impact on their environment not only because they literally reshape the spaces around them, but also because they serve as a bridge between cultures and outsiders, which makes them the ideal target for this contextual approach to branding.

Meet the Team

We are a team of graphic designers, project managers, art curators, web developers and digital marketing specialists scattered around the world but headquartered in Madrid, Spain. Each of us is driven by a sincere passion for design, hospitality and doing things differently.

Creativity and mutual trust determine our modus operandi. Here there are no 9-5 shifts or a single way of doing things, instead, we work by deadlines and take into account each member’s peaks of inspiration.