a commercial out of Hollywood.

Production and direction of the advertising campaign for Canicio Shoes in Alicante, Spain.


Canicio's founder, Carlos Canicio, contacted us to produce and direct the launch campaign for his brand. Their vision was clear from the beginning: the ad had to look like a movie trailer and represent life on an island in the 70s. The Retro aesthetic was the axis around which the work revolved, from the production and choice of props and costumes to the image direction and final coloring. In total we produced and directed 1 video of 1 minute 30 seconds, and 2 videos of 30 seconds. For this project we chose IETU films as filming partners.


Storyboard design · Script writing · Art Direction · Props & Set Design · Costume design · Movie Production Management · Film Direction · Post-Production Management · Talent Management


Sometimes plans don't go the way you want. We had assembled the team at 6am on a Saturday morning. Cameras were ready; coffee was being made. But, instead of the enviable Levantine weather, we woke up to dark skies, wind and storm. The concept of "island life" was ruined...or was it? We turned the tables. Really, islands are as much monsoon and big waves as they are sun and relaxation. In record time, we made the necessary modifications to the script, soaked up the props and got to work. The result: a very aesthetic satire of life on the islands.


Gabriel, born and raised on the island, meets María, a girl from the city who has come to spend the summer surfing. After a day together, they realize that they are made for each other. They dance in the moonlight and watch the sunrise together. Summer continues its course and they fall in love. He shows her her favorite places on the island; She makes him the muse of her photographs. When you are in love, summer is endless.


Cinematography: IETU films

Post-production (editing, color, sound): IETU films

Production and Direction: Begoña Arechalde (Alea)

Graphic Design: Juan Palao, Pablo Vidal

Actors: Toni Rincón, Ana González

Dubbing/Voiceover: Alejandro Hita, Marina Muñoz

Costume and Set design: Begoña Arechalde (Alea)